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Just been back from a rel heady trip of Dublin, Ireland. Need I say that I’ve been simply floored? Those who’ve been there will know what I am talking about!

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, has great pubs, amazing attractions and vibrant street culture. It is a fantastic destination for a couple. I was there with my wife and the mood was more than just romantic! 😉

We had to spend well over 4 days just to take in its wonderful theatres, wander around its museums, enjoy its fine dining and sample a Guinness or two at various of its friendly and lively pubs!

The best place to start is probably on the south side of the city that is divided in two by the famous River Liffey. Most of the main attractions are concentrated in a small area that is close to the city centre. As a result you’ll also find that there is a good selection of Cheap Dublin Hotels to be found in this area. Once you’ve picked a hotel to your liking, head for a taste of the nightlife in Dublin.

The area is awash with chic restaurants, quality bars and is usually buzzing with activity every evening. If you fancy something more traditional then a night out in a traditional pub is a must. Food is hearty and simple, folk are extremely friendly and before long you’ll find yourself singing along to the traditional Irish folk music.

No visit to Dublin is complete without a visit to the ever popular Guinness Storehouse. With 250 years of brewing history behind it, it is a great day out especially as you end up at the top floor bar where you can enjoy a complimentary Guinness and enjoy the best views of Dublin.

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